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What the f*

What the f*, self-censorship for a world that seem to have lost any ability to contain itself to any minimal ethic. Yes I am more than disappointed but I am still not angry. I decided to think and to speak and to do it loudly. Without screaming. This is not a time for screaming/shouting at each other. It is a time for using word to communicate positions, point of views, feelings.

my feelings are so many. I have feeling for everything. For the stupid result/declaration of a survey that say that 80% of people from the entity of republika srpska do not want to have as neighbour a LGBT&Q person and for an even more stupid comment done by a so-called psychologist that has her own bla-bla to explain that well we need to understand people feelings! For completion, as reported by the media, which apart for a minority did not notice the absurd of an 80% hating a group of people because they are not-hetero. I should feel content that only 20% feel the same  toward, or i should say against, a muslim neighbour! No, thanks, I do not feel compensate.

Weeks of wikileaks and tons of superpower smashed against freedom of information for secret that most of the time are well known to anyone who is following politics. Anyone who is able to think, connect and remember. A mirroring site in Serbia had been switch off by the ISP provider because of political pressure… and so again what the f* … And I dislike the main hero to be honest. I dislike the personalisation, the identification of wikileaks with its founder. I dislike that activists are turning their rage against the two women that denounce him for sex crime. I find it bluntly violent and I do not find ethic that with a serious attach to the freedom of internet to our individual and collective freedom we have to make distinguish because a man did not though before act. before making sex. Yes, I am for wikileaks and I will be for the brand new openleaks and for any web platform that will sustain open data, public domain and the right to inform and be informed. I do not believe in state secret kept for the well-being of the citizens as much as I do not believe in the copyright as a way of corporation to protect intellectual property for the well-being of the author.

And last but not least I do not like what is happening in italy, i do not like to see again and again the same scene of people been beaten up. I do not like to see police dressing as protestants just to make the protestants looks violent. I do understand that police has to contain protests but I do not understand an officer that is ready to pretend and to act as a black block. This is a way to far. This is fabricating episodes of violence.

to much of hate, intolerance, discrimination and less and less of ethic, of standing, of resisting and remaining resilient to violence and committed to solidarity. I have a lot to do to build my own resistance, my own resilience, I need to talk every day to someone and say to me and to that one that I am different, diverse.

I feel, and furthermore i am aware of thousand other that feel and resist. that think and talk and that do it loudly in pakistan, in congo, in each and every part of the world. 24 for hours round the clock there is a stream of ethic that is building instead of crashing, that is creating instead of destroying, that is released and share instead of accumulating and privatise.

1.42 a.m. going to sleep … actively resisting from the margins


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  2. dissapointments make us frustrated, continous frustration leads to anxiety (for sure). Final choice is mental health or action. i choose under (b). any change comes from an individual one and the main obstacle is the feeling of isolation and powerless. you are not alone in this so reduce those feelings as soon as they come or appear.

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