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women will save italy and re-humanise ourself

women will save italy. how could have been possibly different, after have witnessed under-age girls, migrants and women in general be exploited by the worse politics of the last 30 years, and more.

berlusconi model is deeply rooted in the current world’s leading establishment that commodify human being for its own entertainment.

all the girls/women that have been “bunga-bunga” are each and every of us, because our bodies, minds, values are not considered at all. we all are flesh to be bought and sold for the pleasure of a degraded and decadent power . that’s why women will save italy and re-humanise ourselves. women, who are today convening in 230 italian towns, cities who are calling each and every citizens to re-humanise him/herself and fight for a country that is rolling down. it’s not a nationalist or sexist call, its a call for dignity, a call for the millions of italians that hardly succeed to pay their bill, that are losing access to health, education, freedom of expression.

berlusconi dictatorship is of a subtle type, its an infotainment dictatorship. it provides a continuous of tv-garbage format such as big-brother, farms, “amici/friends” and an even worse kind of talk-show which pretend to be journalism but are the typical regime’s propaganda.

that’s why women had to take the leadership, to expose their/our bodies and put them once more and, hopefully as long as it would be necessary, at the centre of the political discussion. yes, because these bodies do not dance the bunga-bunga dance of berlusconi. these bodjes, our bodies have voices that talk, scream and laugh.

so today in each of the public squares had been no parties, just citizens because in italy as in tunisia, egypts citizens are all alone against power. against a formalised politic that can always compromise for a share in the public power.

berlusconi and its gang had exploited italy beyond any possible imagination. he has dismantled almost everything, he has accrue moneys even on the l’aquila’s earthquake, impeding people to access and repair homes so that his friends could get billionaire contracts for building new houses that had been than given to the people on a short term with the obligation to give back with everything included nails and the spoons.

so today thousand and thousand of women and men are chanting their go berlusconi go, are asking for dignity and real politic, are saying to each and every politicians that there is a bottom line and that’s line are women bodies that cannot be outraged indefinitely.

more than a 1.000.000 women and men in 230 towns/cites of italy: napoli, palermo, messina, trieste, bologna, catania, cosenza, pesaro, bari, pescara, rome, milan,cagliari, torino, pontedera, livorno, firenze, sassari, parma … if not now: when?

women will save italy and re-humanise ourselves!


2 Responses to “women will save italy and re-humanise ourself”

  1. Ivana Vuckovic says:

    This is a great, provocative, moving and empowering article,
    a brave concept of viewing the meaning of human / historical development,
    that should evolute through encouraging the power of women
    to take the control over their life, voice and body – back, and to
    participate through important changes against the on-going shutting down political sistem.

    You go on and write,
    it’s the best way to be listened and to be heard.
    I hope that many women would have read this.

    Respect and hugs Vale,
    Ivana V.

  2. If Not Now When? Now!!We are the Story.;-)

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