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they arrested jovan divjak

THEY arrested jovan divjak. yes THEY, with bold capital and insensitive letters. him small letters not because less relevant but because jovan divjak belong to the people. to their harts.

so once more we have to witness this constant divide between them, the ones who make decisions, who have powers and us the citizens, regardless of ethnicity or any other “affiliation”. life in BiH will teach u that neutrality is utopia, not only but that the attempt to escape from the ordinary cliché “of taking sides” is almost impossible even still worth to try.

In reality, what BiH teach u, is that it  is not relevant u have a side, what really-really matter is to make sure u point the finger at someone else.

the first lesson make sure u  have a side to be against to”! so,  a subtle and continuous pushing for keeping alive hatred.

this morning i did express my support to a men, a former general that had spent the last 15 years supporting children. this evening I am sad, incredibly sad looking at how successfully the “take-side game” is.

moreover i learnt a second lesson, which is about “changing the level of the discourse”. it is the second lesson that  show u how it is effective to move the discourse from the solidarity to a man, we know for his humanistic qualities, and get trapped into the case around the “dobrovoljacke ulice/street” .

so, i thought was an ethical duty to express solidarity to a men that work side by side u, who is member of same networks u are, and who is been arrested at the viena airport because citizen of a non-state.

i thought i might have successfully escaped the first trap, but i think i did not survive the second one.

it is an invincible diversion the appeal to justice and truth and it will finish u. it will make u spend more time in the “but” than in the “what”.

from the first and second lesson than u have to define a third lesson which says :“resist! stand with your own word and continue to look  for a common shared dictionary of peace”.

it is a long way to go, a risky labyrinth of diversion that, if u live in BiH, u have to walk in, trough and out and i live here in this non-state where no-citizens try to become citizens.

and now smile with irony


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