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the dreams of some are the nightmares of the rest of us

[cincopa A8LAAsKW9_Mm]

We dreamt of a country
Built on democracy
Granting freedom to one and all
We’ve all heard the words
Felt the surge of excitement
From the celebratory fireworks
And still we dream.

Maybe we got too good at dreaming
So we didn’t realize that the dreams of some
Would become the nightmares
Of the rest of us

And our waking lives would become a delusion
Where reality doesn’t matter
Where the only truth that exists
Is what we believe
So they keep repeating, displaying, screaming
Repeating their lies
And we keep listening, reading, seeing, hearing
Until we believe them
And reality means nothing
And truth becomes deceit
And no one cares
Frozen in fear preferring the make-believe
Of safety, of democracy, of dreams

We want to believe
That we can tell lies from truth
We want to believe
That we are free
We want to believe
In our dreams

But they are just dreams
And we have been asleep for too long.

from ccmixter.org – creative commons


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