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@the hilton, economic cooperation and development

berlin, november 12. I am at the hilton, for the person I am, I am not sure it is an opportunity or a punishment… I am here attending a forum organized by the german ministry of  economic cooperation. 70 individuals from all over the world representing civil society, culture, donors, media, finance, a two days dialogue to image the future. I am honored, I will be representing my organization and a global network, I will meet people, listens to practice, challenges …

but yes, I am at the hilton, a big king bed size is waiting for me, the receptionist smile, he asks for my credit card as a guarantee I hand on my visa, he check and come back to me explaining that he need a credit card while mine is a debit one. he smiles,  I smile back, “you can only get my debit… it’s the only I have. take or leave it but I promise I will be very responsible and not take anything from the minibar” 😉 a last smile, I am a guest of the ministry and I imagine this solve the issue.

the woman which took me at the airport all the way to here smile, and whisper I do not have a credit card too. she is so concerned about me, my luggage did not made the flight transfer and she is keeping ask sorry for this, for the imperceptible delay in waiting for the taxi. I feel good, I like her human smile, there is professionalism but there is her too. her smile is not bough by the company I knew when she whispered about the card, I knew we belong to the same people, I am just happened to be caught at this symbolic bed factory for wealthy and rich people.

So, I am at the hilton. I have been in few others five stars hotel, it s the questionable privilege of been participating to international events.  The name make me uncomfortable, hotel should be only hotels. A room for few days, a bed, a toilet, but in this world where myself and many other  struggles and fight the hilton sound like a warning.

The room is nothing luxury, its comfortable but not WaW. I am happy, I sit at the glass table and open my computer, I want to write on my fb that I am at the hilton… and look for the most near occupytogether to regain the sense of myself and my community.

but, internet at the hilton is not among free services. 60 minutes (economic) cost 10 euro, 24 consecutive hours 22 euros… its more than my monthly broadband costs. I am not going to pay to hilton and swisscom, I advocate for a free internet, so I will look for alternatives, for the time being I feel the absurd of been in a golden cage …



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