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est / west, berlin sunday morning

sunday morning, berlin is berlin and far more beautiful, incredible and inspiring than an hotel. we had a dinner which help us resonate one with each other. I am aware that trough all the forum I will feel the paradox of advocating for equality, freedom, equal access to resource and the aesthetic of the richer decision makers (high ranking governments and finance institutions officials, and politicians).

hotel, forum’s facilities, food all will be a constant reminder, an open paradox. complex feelings to overcome, the need to articulate my thinking and far more important my doing… I do not like loops or dogmatism, my ideological glasses have been dismissed by the contrast of balkans crude reality and western double morality. so, I guess, the sense of my coming will become clear during the next two days and eventually will let me sense if these few days in a richer world had been worthy for the cause and for myself.

by Olga Bandelowa

east germany / west germany, the projection is far to easy for someone coming from bosnia-herzegovina where east and west had become synonym of separation, intangible resilient wall, meme of hatred implanted in each person mind.

berlin had not cancelled its memory. the wall is still here, symbolized by a long series of high iron perch, in the cold sunday morning a group of elderly listen to music.

our tour is finished, one last step and the informal lunch at my hilton is served. places discretely assigned underline the protocol of the less important and the most important. The food is good, not exquisite, just good.

I leave, the conference start at two. five minute walk and the forum is opened…


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